A Girl On The Plane Was Saved By A Flight Attendant

This is a real event described by a flight attendant. Sheila Frederick has worked for more than 15 years at Alaska Airlines. She has experienced various events and communicated with many individuals.

Sheila says that one day she noticed something unusual. A man was being very harsh and violent with the girl who was sitting next to him. She could not think that she would be part of this story, but she managed to save a life.

The man was constantly shouting and was nervous. The flight attendant realized that something was wrong. For this reason, she was more careful to see what was happening with the two travelers. The 49-year-old has a long experience with travelers and different people.

So she can easily understand when an event is not going well. The girl was traveling to San Francisco and the man was also traveling with her. He seemed a really strange man.

It was surprising, but in fact, the girl seemed to be around 15 years old.

This made the situation even more absurd. Sheila was careful and managed to save her life. The girl was sitting terrified and seemed to be asking for help by her posture. Sheila says that she saw that the girl’s dress was very bad. While the man was well dressed.

Flight attendant

Sheila asked them if everything was okay, and the man responded by telling her that they were fine. But Sheila suspected that the man was up to something. So she decided to ask the girl. After the girl came out of the toilet, she left a message inside that read “I need help”.

After this situation, the flight attendant immediately called 911 and when people got off the plane, he was arrested. The man was engaged in prostitution and other crimes. The police thanked the stewardess for the help she gave the girl and the police to catch a criminal.