She Was Called ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ When She Was 3 YO. This Is How She Looks 14 Years Later

This is Thylane Blondeau, who was declared one of the most beautiful girls in the world since she was a child. She has beautiful facial features. The girl looks like this today. She is still very beautiful and special.

Her parents, famous footballer Patrick Blondeau and Veronika Loubry, are very happy with their daughter. Her career in modeling started when she was very young.

After this important step for her, her life changed. She was photographed most of the time and should be the center of attention.

The girl began to be desired by different modeling companies. Her life started with extraordinary success thanks to her beauty and the work she had done to be part of the modeling world.

She did not compete for a title, however, she gained attention and a lot of important work in a short time. Many models have greatly appreciated her facial features.

Her beautiful blue eyes were always the focus of the cameras. Also, she has attractive lips. She has been wanted by many fashion companies since she was 4 years old.

She recently created a brand for Eleven Paris. In addition, she is part of the covers of popular magazines such as Teen Vogue. In addition, her success would rise to another level after the collaboration with L’Oreal. She is climbing the ladder of success in the world of fashion and modeling.