Mom Says She’s Allowed to Snoop Through Her Kids’ Phones Because She Pays for Them

Technology is a hugely debated topic. Its development has come with a lot of pros and cons. Specifically, kids’ phones have sparked a lot of discussions. Many parents advocate for their children to have phones as a safety precaution, but most have opted for parental control locks on certain apps or monitoring the sites their kids visit. One mom, in particular, has spoken out about her decision to go through her kids’ phones.

A Mom’s Controversial Methods

Laura Muse from North Carolina is a mom of 2 teens. She has a 17-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son. Every night she confiscates their phones to ensure they get a restful and full night’s sleep. While she has the kids’ phones in her possession, she does a little investigating. She goes through them every night. Laura has the belief that she pays for their service, so that gives her the right to invade their privacy.

“I own their phones, I pay for the phones. I can go through them whenever I want,” she said. “People might think [it] is a sign of disrespect or an invasion of their privacy, but this is how I manage my ship.”

Advocating for Confiscating her Kids’ Phones

She began these as weekly checks when her kids were around 11. The check-in has carried on well into their teenage years. She further explained that she has two major reasons for snooping through the kids’ phones. First, she wants to ensure her kids aren’t engaging in inappropriate behaviors, but more than that, she wants to keep her kids safe. She shared that she trusts her kids but wants to protect them from predators and scammers.

Laura is a 41-year-old mental health clinician. This means she has first-hand experience with the damaging effects of people who deal with traumas stemming from abuse, sexual assault, and other mental health disorders. She said, “If I do find something that’s an issue, we talk about it and turn it into a teachable moment,” she added. “I’m not perfect, I don’t expect my children to be perfect, but it’s important to keep an eye on things.”

Kids’ Phones are Widely Debated

While Laura loves her kids and accepts them for who they are, it’s also a parent’s responsibility to help them navigate life’s difficulties. As a result, she keeps a close eye on them and encourages them to keep an open line of communication with her. She’s not the only parent with strict rules regarding her kids’ phones.

Many parents, including celebrities like Pink, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Cuban, and Serena Williams, have weighed in on limiting screen time. They’ve debated the appropriate ages for kids’ phones and discussed some rules they expect their kids to follow on social media. Many celebrities try their best to keep their kids out of the spotlight to give them the most comfortable childhood possible.

Parents Do Their Best

Across TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, parents everywhere are trying to guide their kids through the world of technology. Meanwhile, they themselves are still learning to navigate technology. This makes things a little tricky. However, as with anything in life, whatever feels best for the individual and their family unit is the most important aspect of navigating through these everyday challenges.

Mental health experts have advised parents on dealing with their kids’ phones. While technology is considered neither good nor bad, experts agree that moderation and how it’s used is the most important factor. Setting certain guidelines and keeping an open line of communication is the best strategy for successful parenting. Furthermore, establishing boundaries can help keep kids safer and give them less mental health problems down the road.

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