This 98-Year-Old Mom Proves Your Children Will Always Be Your Babies — Even When They’re 80

It seems that it doesn’t matter how old we are, our mother will always be there to look after us and take care of us just like they did when we were babies.

Ada Keating is a 98-year-old mother who has an 80-year-old son that needs her help. He loves her mother so much and appreciates all that she is doing for him. He never got married, so he lived his whole life close to her.

However, when he got old and realized he needed additional care, he moved into a nursing home. And because his mother Ada is a former nurse, she often stopped there to give him the love and care he so needed. But, her visits did not make for the missing place that appeared in Ada’s heart since her son left. She really missed him and wanted to reunite with him.

That’s why she decided to move into the nursing home as well and spend her last days with her son Tom.

Now, they spend every minute together. The first thing they do every day is wish each other ‘good morning’ and the last thing Tom hears before he goes to sleep is his mother’s voice wishing him ‘good night and sweet dreams.’ And if she happens to leave to go to the hairdresser, Tom will immediately start roaming the halls and looking for her.

Ada says that motherhood never stops. Tom is thrilled to have her by his side, taking care of him. It is very rare and beautiful to see a mother and son being this close to one another.