For twenty years, this girl has not had her hair cut.

Every lady has different preferences when it comes to hair length. Others favor long hair, while others want short or medium hair.

The only problem is that this young woman from Riga has unique preferences about hair length.

Young Latvian woman Nasroya hasn’t had her hair trimmed in more than 20 years. She was able to do this and break the record for the world’s longest hair. Her hair is 4.5 lbs. and 8 feet long.

You won’t believe what caused the young woman to decide against getting her hair trimmed. It all started when Nasroya saw Rapunzel’s story as a little girl.

The young woman put a lot of effort into trying to resemble Rapunzel, therefore she hasn’t trimmed her hair ever.

While going down the street, the young woman draws everyone’s attention to her beautiful hair, which she claims is not at all simple to maintain.

Every day, she needs to brush her hair, which takes more than an hour. Consume 2 liters of shampoo every wash and spend more than 4 hours washing her hair.

Nasroya claims that her hair has become a part of her personality and that cutting it would be very tough.

Below are numerous images of her really long hair: