Officer Breaks Into Hot Car To Rescue ‘Baby’, Then Realizes He Made A Huge Mistake

This event was comical but at the same time was unusual for a police officer in New Hampshire. The policeman had entered a car to save a child but later found out that he had not saved a child but a doll.

The event happened on July 23, according to WMUR, and due to the high temperatures, he had to rescue the child who was locked in the car. He broke the window of the car thinking that the child was not moving because he might have died.

The policeman took the child in his arms to give him first aid. Before taking the child, the police had seen the baby’s legs that had come out from under the blanket. This picture scared the policeman and he decided to break the car window to save the child immediately.

He saw that the child was not breathing. He breathed into her mouth to give her artificial respiration but was surprised to see that the baby’s lungs did not move at all. Then he saw that the mouth of the baby he was holding was closed.

He realized that he had a doll in his arm that looked a lot like a real baby. The police had called the ambulance but later canceled it. The doll’s owner, Carolynne Seiffert, bought the doll for $2,300 at a doll nursery. This doll looked like a real baby and was made of silicone.

The woman revealed that she had a large collection of silicone dolls. This doll was called Ainslie. She also said that she put a letter in the car that shows that the dolls in the car are not real.